Welcome to the Money Magnet Institute!

financial freedomImagine for a second that you had a chance to live your dream life. Think for a second about it. What would it look like? Maybe you want to travel the world, visiting exotic places and having extraordinary experiences? Maybe you want to fulfill a dream becoming a doctor/musician/artist (or that ever it is for you). Maybe it is to create a wonderful family with the partner you love?

We all have our dreams, yet oftentimes our lives don’t look like that picture you just constructed above. How is it for you currently? Are happy with the way it is, or are you still searching for a way to fulfill some of your dreams?

If we are in good health, most of the time, the thing that is stopping us from achieving the above is not having the right financial situation. People go to jobs they don’t like (or even hate) or run a business that makes them tired, just because this is what is currently bringing them money (and oftentimes they don’t see an alternative). Now some of you would say: “well, there are rich people who are not happy with their lives”. Yes that’s true. And of course every situation is different, but in many cases this is also because of lack of time and the stress from the high level position or the responsibility that brings then the financial situation they are in.

Our mission

The mission of The Money Magnet Institute, is to help you to achieve a financial situation, that allows you to lead a fulfilling life that you desire.


Let’s just be clear: this is not the next “become a millionaire in three years” kind of website. Many people think that in order to have a fulfilling life with all desires met, you need to be a millionaire. This is simply not true (unless you want to live in a huge mansion and drive expensive sports cars, but let’s be honest here, is THAT what you need to live a happy life??). It’s usually a combination or having a balance between time, managing your expenses and doing what you love.

There are many ways to get there. Yet, it is confirmed my some of the best “money-gurus” out there, that it is MUCH easier once you are financially free. Here’s the most common definition of financial freedom:

Having enough passive income to cover your expenses, so you can live your desired lifestyle

So, one of our goals would be to help you attain financial freedom.

How we do it

From years of experience exploring this area, we discovered that attaining your your desired financial situation consist of basically the following aspects:

  1. Your money-blueprint. This is a term used by T. Harv Eker to describe the set of all beliefs around money (and related areas). Whether you like it or not, your current financial situation is a reflection  of your money blueprint. And the ONLY way to permanently change your financial situation, is to change your money blueprint. Hence, at The Money Magnet Institute we offer insights and ways of how to change your money blueprint. For those who want to really take the bull by its horns, we offer intense coaching, to speed up the process and/or get a head start on your journey.
  2. The vehicles. Although we do believe that if you really really change your money blueprint, you don’t need to look for a vehicle that will bring you the financial abundance, in a realistic situation, there has to be a way for you to generate this income (preferably with an option to make it passive). There are a lot of ways that can bring you to your desired financial situation (and by that I mean A LOT), we chose to focus on the ones that we have experience with. They contain:Network Marketing, Internet Business and various Investment Vehicles.We will be exploring different opportunities, our experiences with them and consultations on whether it is the right one for you.
  3. The skills. Last but not least, in most cases (and again, following the first point, theoretically speaking, you don’t need any of this), solid skills are needed in order to create the financial abundance. The skills can be: sales, (online) marketing, investing. Also here, we will be discussing methods, techniques and mental aspects of these skills.

All in all, we want to help you to help you progress from A to B, with A being where you are right now and B, your desired financial situation and a fulfilled life.

Now, here are some FAQs that you might be asking yourself.

– How long will this process take?
This is really different for every one, depending on many factors such as willingness, focus, your current situation and your goal (how far they are apart), etc., willingness to invest in yourself.

– Do I need to spend money (invest) to have money money?

Our answer is: YES. Money is like a river, water needs to flow in and out of it in order to create a fresh water flow (not not become a stinking swamp). It’s the same with money. Also, the fact that you are in your current situation, is because of what you knew and was able to do until now. In order to change that, you need to learn new skills, work on your mindset etc. The most effective way to do it is to follow effective programs and have experienced professionals to help you. Here, we offer personalized coaching in order to change your current money blueprint.

– What is your experience and qualification?

This we will be discussing in “the story” section below.

Our story

Hello, my name is Ivan Dynov and I am the founder of The Money Magnet Institute.

Since 2009 I have been fascinated with the concept of financial abundance. At that time I already spent about 5 years learning about personal development. I was already a certified NLP practitioner and have had some trainings. As a result of my fascination, I decided to test out the ideas and started a business (with no prior experience at that time!). I hired a coach and immediately experienced some out of the ordinary events, which are perfect examples of external manifestations of changing the money blueprint. Here are some of them:

  • By releasing my financial blockages I got my first paying clients ever, by just talking to a handful of people.
  • Attracting my first ever 3000$ coaching client just a few months into my first business
  • Setting intention for another 3K client at a certain date, and fulfilling this intention (up to a week or so)
  • Many other smaller “miracles”

I knew that there was something amazing about this way of attracting money. Although I spent a significant amount of time working on my website, none of the above were actually the results of the routine work that I put into it. They were rather products of moments of clarity, when I have managed to release important blocks related to money.

Because I was totally fascinated by the above occurrences, I decided to create a blog where I would share my insights throughout my journey. This was the birth of “The Money Magnet Institute”. This was the beginning of a wonderful voyage, which would eventually change my life.

One thing you have to know here, is that before starting this journey, I already had what some would describe a dream career going for me. I was following the path of becoming a university professor in mathematics. I was traveling the world, meeting some of the world’s smartest people. Yet, I was not happy.  At the same time, I loved my lifestyle. So my dream at that time, was to recreate the same lifestyle, doing what I loved instead.

It took me six years of moving, to a different continent, failing in my first business venture, moving to a new big city, being on the edge of financial abyss, getting a sales job and almost being kicked out, after which becoming one of the best sales reps globally in this company, quitting my job and trying to build another business, creating various passive income streams, going back to corporate life due to lack of financial means and finally breaking free and achieving the dream I set for myself originally.

Throughout these years of my journey I was trained in different disciplines, such as EFT Coaching, NLP, Sales, Online marketing, Trading and many others. On top of that I had the honor of experiencing numerous ways to create financial abundance (and some of those to lose it!).

Throughout these years I’ve helped clients in achieving their financial and other goals through my coaching.


– What makes you qualified to teach this? Are you rich, are you millionaire?

Am I a millionaire? NO! Do I need to be a millionaire t teach this? In my opinion no. So what does qualify me to teach you this? The fact that I am now living the life that I want and a financial situation that I have aimed for. Also the fact that I went from not knowing ANYTHING, to learning and experiencing all the stuff to get here. Remember, this website is not about becoming a millionaire and if that’s your goal maybe you should go some where else (although I do believe that you can learn a lot here in order to achieve that goal). I want to help people who are in a situation where I was in the beginning and who want to break free from the current rut of financial frustration. For this purpose I believe that I AM qualified. On top of that I know the TOOLS that I can use to change your blueprint and direct your mindset towards achieving your financial goals.

Why I do it

I was never one to accept mediocrity. I was always striving for excellence in my life and my career. But throughout most of my life, I had a lot blocking me, which I did not understand. I would get very far in my goal, but would stop right before being magnificent. Now I know that I was lacking the knowledge and understanding that I have now. With the help of many teachers (both direct coaches and people whose works I have read and experienced) I have transcended to a different place, where I am creating the life that I have always dreamed about.

I see so many people stuck in a mediocre place. They might have stable incomes, or a circle of friends, but they are not happy where they are. I believe that it is human nature to want more from life, but many people are just not willing to go beyond their usual routines, in order to live a magnificent fulfilling life. Others are willing to act and make things happen, but don’t know how.

This is why I have created this blog. I know that you want to change your life and fulfill your dreams and desires, otherwise you wouldn’t have come here. And it is my mission to help you and give you the tools to transcend to your new reality.

How to connect with me

If you have any questions, please send me an email at any time at: info@moneymagnetinstitute.com

To your Success!

Ivan Dynov